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Never suppress your artistry!

Artists plex

A space for strip artists and their allies to create art and build their small businesses.

We are filling a void

Artists plex

A space for Sex Werker Artists and allies to create art and build their small business.

What we’re doing

Building a co-working and production complex that is rooted in community and financial prosperity. Artist Plex and its members will engage with the residential community with food drives, clothing donation drives, and more.

Available to Artists

A safe space to shoot content. Whether vlogging, photoshoots or on-demand content shoots. Artist Plex is a work environment that provides fundamental elements for artists to master their craft in exchange for a low-cost membership fee, with a community mission to improve the world that surrounds us.

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Our Vision

The aim is to serve as a production and networking hub for strippers, also known as Strip Artists. The long-term strategy involves growing into a pivotal business that uplifts the surrounding residential community via food drives, community outreach programs, etc.  

ABout us

We have eight founding members and countless supporters of this project.  But we need everyone’s help to reach our ultimate goals.  We have an eternity of collective years of making this dream come true. It’s long overdue for Strip Artists to have a spaces to hone our craft, develop our skill and operate our businesses, whether it be art design, video production or dance instruction.   We need a space for us, by us.

Please take a moment to watch the video above
to get the full scope of what we are turning into a reality.  


fundraising goal

Founding Members

Once up and running, we will have online booking capabilities for our members and guests to book work spaces and event spaces.  This feature is coming soon! 

Let’s Start Something new
Say Hello!

If you’re interested in being an artist in our space, wondering about your donation or interested in being an investor, write to us!  Got something else on your mind?  We want to know!  Contact us!